The Transformation Which Is Shaping The World!

Preface To Transformation

Change is the only constant thing in the universe…for a better, brighter and bigger world! 

New ideas take birth & a lot of those ideas change the shape of the life and the world around us. The way we see, live and understand the world evolves constantly.  Every moment, we transform from what we were to the new we.

Software and its application have had a great impact on the life in the recent decades. In the current decade, software apps have brought a lot of ease in all aspects of the life. May it be shopping or medicinal research on an E-Commerce business.

With the evolution of technology, many imaginations have turned into reality. This led to many hopes and aspirations to be able to do much better & greater things, provide better experience to people. Essentially these are talks of the transformation. 

What drives transformation?

These are not just usual small changes but significant alternate way of building software, engaging with the customer, usage of disruptive technologies and methodologies. Everything is different to drive a greater and amazing outcome.

Innovation Cycle

  • Innovation in the hardware enables creative software, creative software provides an awesome experience to the consumers. 
  • Consumer’s increasing wishes push the software team to think in a disruptive way. 
  • Disruptive software demands an innovation in the hardware.
    This cycle continues and brings us the best from every function.

The terms which are floating around in today’s transformation age are..

  • Let’s go to Cloud
  • Let’s do Agile
  • Let’s build the Product lean and clean
  • Micro-services are way to go

In the midst of these ideas floating…key aspects, jargon or buzz words…whatever you call it, it is necessary for everyone in the organisation who is in the business of building software to understand these aspects. These are the things that every function, every role needs to be aware of and understand. 

How to understand transformation easily.
The attempt here is to make understand all these concepts of transformation very easily, as easy as listening to the stories. Also provide enough insight to move further with the implementation. The read is for all the roles, the CEO, the CTO, a Director, an Engineer, a Business analyst and any one who works in the IT business. The suggestion is to read all articles regardless of the role or at least the content which is appropriate for the respective function.

Lets begin the journey