Pillars Of Digital Transformation

Transformation touches all the elements of the organization i.e. People, Process, Technology and what not. Disruptive outcome needs different approaches and different mindset. 

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Innovative Technology

 Micro-services architecture is a leading and best architecture practice. The architecture style is business focused, backed by various niche technology & tool sets and yet simple in approach. The way applications are built, deployed, hosted, monitored to the way data is cached, stored…all the aspects are far more different than traditional approach. 

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Product Philosophy

Lean product development is an alternate to the traditional requirement gathering and SDLC. How to shift the mindset from short duration project delivery to a perpetual long lived product is key aspect to understand. How to create products which are profitable, engaging with the customers and accommodating in nature? These aspects need education on product philosophy.

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Agile Methodology

Agile manifesto is no more a new thing now. However how does it play an important role in transformation, how to use to for the benefit and not against the team and mission is very important to understand.

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