Lean Product Development

Nothing is powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Thinking, ideation, visualization of an idea and the alternate world that an idea creates, is altogether a different fun and feeling. Bringing an idea to life and seeing it changing lives and bringing comfort around is an amazing journey.

Businesses have strived to gain customer loyalty through excellent product and services. Businesses constantly ideated to stay ahead in the game and expanded exponentially to drive better profits and customer reach. Once achieved the success, the way to run the business has remained same and there are many reasons for it.
Thinking of alternate ways of doing business, engaging with consumers, optimizing the running cost, researching apt business models with changing times..all these ingredients were not added to the business. This led to gigantic business falling down and business finding it difficult to survive.

Another pattern that has emerged is a lean startups. Few enthusiastic people with a bright idea put great efforts to bring it to life and when tastes success, they gradually expand with feature and customer reach. When these businesses expand, they constantly evolve better , outperform and sustain long.

With the cut throat competition around, its a must for any business to think disruptive, provide reliable & best quality of service and give differentiating offerings and experience to the customers.

There are lot challenges in the traditional way of requirement management, understanding customer needs and build a way to measure ROI on the new proposed features.
Many projects die on the way or decommissioned as soon as they reach production. There is a lot of delay in understanding and defining the needs, and moreover interpreting the needs in the right spirit in the first place.

  • What are the techniques to solve the mentioned challenges?
  • What are the alternate ways of doing product management?
  • How can we take new ideas to life quickly?

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