What is is actually agile all about?

Agile means “to be able to move quickly and easily”
Agile means “to think quickly”.

In the context of software development, agile is a mechanism or set of practices to deliver the software incrementally, i.e. in short phases and in quick span of time. This is completely different than the typical year long wait for the software to be seen up and live in production through the waterfall delivery model.

Agile is based on lean principles. Undoubtedly agile is a beneficial practice that organisations should embrace and they are embracing.
If it is a common sense to embrace and implement agile, why do we even discuss it?  The very reason is firstly it is must understand the rational for origination of agile, the thought process leaders and organisation must go through before subscribing to agile. This is very crucial else you would end up being a waterfall implementation with show cover of agile.

The exploration begins with why agile came into existence and why your organisation needs it? What is the objective or challenge that you see solved or want to solve with the help of Agile methodologies. There are tons of articles explaining agile ceremonies and shops to turn a project manager into a scrum master overnight and it just doesn’t help unless you answer the questions discussed above. Lets understand it the crucial elements of Agile.  Articles coming soon.